We have produced a number of resources to help you with embedded research initiatives. On this page you can download materials to help you recruit embedded researchers, including template job descriptions and adverts.

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Recruiting an embedded researcher

This resource pack offers practical tools and tips to help when setting up and supporting an embedded research initiative or recruiting an embedded researcher. Our research has shown that embedded research can take many different forms, across many different organisations. In acknowledgement of this diversity of approach, the resource pack offers ideas and suggestions rather than definitive approaches.

The pack  includes a set of questions to help you design your research initiative and some pointers to organisations that may support the training and development of your embedded researcher. It also includes two sample job adverts, a sample job description and person specification. 

The sample job advertisement, job description and person specification are also available as editable documents for you to amend and personalise as you wish.

Download the complete resource pack

Download sample job description

Download sample job advertisement

Download sample person specification