Recruiting an embedded researcher


During our research we found that it can sometimes be challenging to find and recruit the right person or people to the role of an embedded researcher. Embedded research initiatives are often complex and changeable, and programmes of work can involve a diverse range of aims, stakeholders and organisations. Embedded research represents a less traditional research approach than many researchers are used to and can be seen as a career risk for those early in their research career. Embedded researchers, then, have to possess a pretty unique skill set: ability to demonstrate strong research rigour while still being flexible enough in their research to accommodate different philosophies, happy working across both visible (and invisible) organisational boundaries and, chameleon like, able to fit in with the different cultures they’re working with whilst still managing to remain a ‘critical friend’. Most importantly, embedded researchers need to be super communicators – able to explain complex ideas and engage a wide range of people in their research – making it matter to them.

If you’re considering setting up an embedded research initiative, recruiting the right person or people may seem a bit daunting. The set of resources on this page are designed to help. It includes a set of questions to help you design your research initiative and some pointers to organisations that may support the training and development of your embedded researcher. It also includes two sample job adverts, a sample job description and person specification. 

Given that embedded research can take many different forms, across many different organisations, the resources offer ideas and suggestions rather than definitive approaches. The sample job advertisement, job description and person specification are also available as editable documents for you to amend and personalise as you wish.

Download the complete resource pack

Download sample job description

Download sample job advertisement

Download sample person specification